Creating a Nightmare

When I was a kid, like 11 or 12 or so, my parents, God bless them, took me to see the movie Alien.

Needless to say, it left a mark on me. For the next thirty years, my nightmares were about the H. R. Giger-designed creature from that movie. So when my wife suggested that I design a sex toy inspired by the facehugger from Alien, of course I said yes. What better than a sex toy in the (literal) shape of my fears?

The idea was a facehugger that would wrap around the wearer’s hips, with a dildo for a tail.

I set to work designing the Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon in a 3D rendering program, and printed several mockups on a 3D printer to check size and general design.

With the design made, I designed and 3D printed silicone molds, and did some test pours.


The mold is huge!

Early test cast in silicone

Based on this, I made adjustments to the mold. On the advice of my wife and my co-author, I modified the tail to include a cum tube, because the only thing more horrifying than being ravished by a xenomorph hiphugger parasite is being ravished by a xenomorph hiphugger parasite that’s dripping slime.

Once the adjustments were done, I printed new molds, and I’ve just made the first casting of the finished design.

The straps mount to a ring that’s set in the underside, and go between the legs to hold the hiphugger firmly to the wearer’s hips.

This is the most challenging design I’ve done so far, but I like how it’s coming along!

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