First test of the v3.0 Facehugger Gag!

I’ve finalized the v3.0 mold for the Xenomorph Ovipositer Facehugger Gag. This version is considerably lighter (about half the weight!) of the v2.0 design, with thinner sacs, a deeper groove for the wearer’s nose, and other design features to increase comfort. Because, after all, if you’re going to be orally violated by an alien parasite, you ought to be comfortable, right?

I’ve cast two of the v3.0 gag, one brown and beige, one white with glow-in-the-dark pigments. I had a chance to beta test and photograph the glow-in-the-dark prototype a couple of nights ago, and it worked even better than I ancicipated!

When it’s charged with a UV flashlight, the silicone glows quite intensely. This glow fades after about five or ten minutes, but it continues to glow at reduced brightness for a couple of hours.

The model here is wearing the v3.0 facehugger gag and the xenomorph nipplehugger pasties, also in glow-in-the-dark silicone:


Hard at work on new projects!

Haven’t updated in a while, but mad science is still happening here at! I’ve been experimenting with glow-in-the-dark silicone pigments, and also finished a new, lighter, more comfortable version 3.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag, now suitable for more…extended wear.

I’ve done a test cast of the Spikey Silicone Butt Plug in glow-in-the-dark pigment, which glows rather nicely, I think:

And I’ve made some Xenomorph Tithugger Pasties in the same color. They aren’t as interesting as I’d hoped in strong light, but they glow rather wickedly in the dark. I may experiment with combining the glowing pigment with other pigments, to see if I can create glowing toys that also look interesting in the light.

And finally, the v3.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag! You can get a sense of what a beast this mold is as the gag emerges from the mold. These take about three days to cast, and require five separate pours.

I’ll be beta-testing the facehugger gag later this week. For those of you who missed the last beta test, the v1.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag worked well, but testing revealed several areas where the design could be improved, and improved it’s been.

These will be available soon, stay tuned!


A Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon of your very own!

Whilst the extended polyamorous netowork and I were in Barcelona, we took time out from seeing the Sagrada Familia and doing…um, other stuff to take a ton of photos of the xenomorph sex toy prototypes.

I’m still working through the mass of photos, bit by bit, but in the meantime I’ve actually put the hiphugger strapon up for sale!

That’s right, now you can order your very own hiphugger, for all your xenomorph ovipositor violation needs.

These things each take about three days of fussy, fiddly work to make, so for the foreseeable future I will only make one of them a month. First come, first served, and yes, they’re expensive.

If you order one, I’ll make it specifically for you, in whatever color you like.

We had a ton of fun doing the photo shoot, and got pics of some other xenomorphic goodness as well, including the xenomorph pacifiers and nipple pasties. (Yes, I made xenomorph pacifiers and nipple pasties. What can I say? My parents brought me to see Alien when I was, like, 12 or so, and it scared the holy hell out of me for the next thirty years.)

Now my nightmares are yours too. You’re welcome.


A couple more photos!

Two more photos for your viewing pleasure, one of the xenomorph hiphugger strapon (with the Borg Queen xenomorph cosplay, of course) ad one of the facehugger gag.

First, the Borg Queen hiphugger strapon:

The vertebrae and other parts of the costume are 3D printed directly onto fabric which is then sewn onto the costume. This is the very first usable hiphugger strapon, and the only one with a detatchable tube for making it squirt.

Here’s another shot of the version 1.1 xenomorph facehugger gag:

This gag features an ovipositor made of very soft squishy silicone that extends into the wearer’s mouth, the better to introduce the alien eggs, of course.

The version 1 facehugger is a trifle wide and quite heavy. The 2.0 facehugger will be narrower, with thinner sacs.

I haven’t made the molds for the version 2 mold yet, but the design looks good!


A sex toy three years in the making

I printed the very first test mule/boilerplate 0.1 Alpha 1 of what eventually became the Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon three years ago today. The design changed SO much from that first test print!

The final design looks so different from this first print, which I used to test size and proportions before I started designing molds.


Adventures with Xenomorphs

I’m typing this post from Springfield, Missouri, where I am staying with the model I’ll be photographing for a revamp of this site. We are due to leave in a few days for Barcelona on a long-delayed trip (first planned in 2018, postponed for years thanks to COVID-19).

I’m in Springfield . I packed my bags with all five currently existing xenomorph hiphugger strapons and both the xenomorph facehugger gag prototypes, which took quite some amount of work and barely fit in my suitcase.

We’ll be shooting a ton of photos of various sex toy designs for this very site, and we’ve also planned a Borg Queen Xenomorph Hiphugger Gangbang, which will be the true acid test of the hiphugger design.

We did a test fitting of the new harness design of the xenomorph hiphugger strapon. I’m calling this the Version 7.5 hiphugger, since it was made with the Version 7.0 mold modified with the version 8.0 harness design.

The version 8.0 harness design works really well: it’s quite solid and secure, but also allows the wearer full freedom of motion—you can even wear it sitting down!

We also tested out the Xenomorph Tithugger Pasties! It’s been tricky to find skin-safe adhesive that lets them stick, since they’re made of medical-grade silicone that sticks to…well, not much, really.

Clothing adhesive strips didn’t work. Neither did spirit gum. I finally got some silicone adhesive used by Hollywood to make silicone prosthetics and creature FX, and it worked a treat.

We tried with the legs and tail loose, so they sort of wriggle around when the wearer moves, and also with the legs glued down.

I brought a huge pile of other sex toy prototypes as well, including a silicone tentacle cock sheath made with a new UV-reactive pigment that also glows in the dark. I love the way it looks in darkness.

Since a lot of the prototypes are made with UV-reactive pigments, we thought it might be fun to paint her with UV-reactive body paints for the shoot. We did a test of the body paints, and I think the result was kinda cool and interesting:

If the Borg Queen xenomorph hiphugger gangbang goes well, I’m about ready to call the xenomorph hiphugger design done, and make some metal molds. After that, I will likely offer them for sale right here on this site!


New mold a-printin’

The test fit of the xenomorph hiphugger strapon revealed a design flaw in the harness, fixed in the new v9.0 mold, now almost done printing. (This print looks a bit weird because I ran out of red filament so replaced it with black.) #MadScience


Adventures at TSA

Oh my GOD, y’all, the xenomorph hiphugger strapon just caused SUCH a kerfluffle at TSA. As soon as I saw the X-ray of my bag, and the X-ray tech waved her boss over, I was like okay, here it comes.

(By the way, the hiphugger looks EPIC on an x-ray. I’m sad they didn’t let me take pics of the x-ray screen.)

So they pull my bag for a hand search. The tech pulls out the hiphugger, then immediately calls for his supervisor.

Supervisor: “What’s this?” Me: “The facehugger from Alien.” Supervisor: “What’s the tube for?” Me: “To squirt slime! Everyone knows the aliens from Alien squirt slime!”

Guy at the security station next to me: “Holy shit, is that the facehugger from Alien? That looks like the facehugger from Alien!”

Next thing you know, there are 5 guys plus the guy searching my bag, plus the supervisor, plus the x-ray tech, all looking at the xenomorph hiphugger.

Guy searching my bag: “Should I—” Supervisor: “Definitely.”

So they SCAN IT FOR EXPLOSIVES(?!). Seriously.

I’m bringing all 4 prototypes to Barcelona in a few weeks, and mah gawdd, that x-ray is going to be AWESOME. I kinda want to set up an x-ray diorama in my suitcase, like 2 hiphuggers fighting whilst a third takes photos or something.


Mistress Facehugger: The Xenomorph Hiphugger FAQ

[Edit] I’m gearing up to make a limited number of xenomorph hiphugger strapons for sale! If you’d like to learn more, put your name in the form at the bottom of the Tentacle.Love home page or click here!

A few days ago I uploaded a smartphone pic of my wife being test-fit with the alien xenomorph hiphugger strapon to Twitter and Facebook. I’m in Florida right now taking care of my mom, so I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to do a test fitting of the latest prototype with her.

I posted this photo:

…and man, the Internet exploded. I woke up this morning to find the Facebook pic had been shared almost a thousand times (including, I’m told, on the official Sigorney Weaver fan site?), my inbox was jammed with people asking where they can get one, and two OnlyFans performers and an adult toy store owner wanted to talk with me.

So I think it’s time for…

The Official Borg Queen Alien Xenomorph Hiphigger Strapon Frequently Asked Questions!

Ready? Here we go!

1. What is this thing?

It’s all Joreth’s fault is what it is.

Go back in time to 1977. I saw Star Wars as a kid on opening night, and for the next five years I was obsessed. I had Star Wars trading cards, Star Wars models, Star Wars everything.

So when the movie Alien came out in 1979, my parents were like he loves Star Wars, this is a space movie, he’ll love Alien.

So they took a kid. To see Alien. I had nightmares about it for the next thirty years. I still do occasionally. The creature from Alien is the shape of all my fears.

When we started planning a get-togther of the extended polyamorous network back in 2018 (interrupted by COVID), Joreth was like “you’re terrified of the creature from Alien, right? I love pushing your buttons! You should design a strapon based on that creature! And for extra horror, I can wear Star Trek Borg Queen cosplay with it!”

And thus was born the Alien Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon, a project I’ve been working on for about four years now.

2. Okay, okay, but the real question: Where can I get one?

Ah, now that’s a question!

So okay, here’s the thing. Right now, four prototypes exist. The test-fit revealed a design flaw in the harness, which I’m fixing.

Each prototype takes about $80-$90 worth of silicone and about three days of work to make, which is a way of saying that if I make them for sale, they’re going to be very expensive. Every one is hand-made, and the process is a beast. (Also, these things are heavy! That’s a huge honkin’ bit o’ silicone.)

How expensive? I don’t know yet.

Where can you get them? Right now, I’m open for commissions over at my new Web site, Tentacle Love.

I’ve scheduled a photo shoot in mid-May with a model I’m really looking forward to working with, so look for a site redesign, and more information about the Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon, in June.

Note: I am considering making designs available at reduced cost for OnlyFans models, porn performers, and porn studios, in exchange for a link back to the website.

3. What is it made of?

The hiphugger itself is 100% medical-grade, body-safe silicone. The straps are nylon, anchored to a steel ring in the body. The tube is food-grade silicone.

4. How does it work?

The straps are riveted to a steel ring inside the body of the hiphugger and go around the wearer’s hips. (I’m modifying the design so that instead of two straps around your hips, there’s one strap around your waist and one around each leg.)

There’s a food-grade silicone tube through the tail, attached to a (rather large) reservoir. The reservoir might need to be smaller; 150ml is a lot of xenomorph slime.

5. Can you make other colors?

Yes. If and when I make these for sale, they can be any color you like.

6. Why on earth…??

I’m terrified of the alien from Alien. My wife likes pushing my buttons. The extended polyamorous network is having a get-together next month, so we* have planned a Borg Queen Xenomorph Gangbang.

I legit never expected the idea of an alien xenomorph sex toy to blow up like it did.

* By which I mean my wife, my girlfriend, and my crush, with participation from my Talespinner, which is why there are four prototypes.

7. Star Trek and Alien? Isn’t that crossing the streams? You never cross the streams!

Have you seen the Borg Queen?

If that’s not an organism begging to be parasitized by the alien, I don’t know what is.

Of course, all the mechanization might interfere with the normal alien reproductive cycle. So rather than the facehugger attaching to the Borg Queen’s face and planting an embryo in its chest, it attaches to the Borg Queen’s hips, where it controls the Borg Queen’s mind, filling her with an unnatural, unslakeable lust, a burning desire to spread the xenomorph’s eggs through its ovipositor. The Borg Queen can think of nothing save the indescribable pleasure that floods every corner of her being when she finds a new host for the xenomorph that now controls her mind.

Joreth is working on a cosplay costume that combines elements of xenomorph and borg design. I’m 3D printing parts of it—I’ve learned to 3D print parts directly bonded to tulle, so she can sew them onto the costume.

8. Is there a facehugger version?

Yes! It’s not as far along; I’ve been working on it for less than a year, and only one early-stage prototype exists.

The facehugger legs wrap around the wearer’s head and are secured by straps. The tail goes around the wearer’s neck, of course, and the ovipositor…well, you know.

The ovipositor is made of a different, soft silicone—the type fleshlights are made from—so it feels very soft and horrifyingly flesh-like in the mouth.

9. These look like they’re designed to squirt. So…what do they squirt?

Glad you asked.

That’s also been an area of ongoing research. I’ve worked on developing an appropriately horrifying material to squirt, because of course, the aliens are known for their slime.

What I’ve come up with is a mix of edible lube, food coloring, and cooked mini tapioca pearls. It’s awful.

I’ve made it transparent and in all kinds of colors. I think the green is the worst. Just the thing for your alien egg ovipositor needs.

For those who prefer reproductive fluid in a more traditional color, or who want something perhaps more suitable for oral ovipositor use, a mix of milk, heavy cream, and tapioca pearls is suitably awful.

The facehugger is especially bad because the ovipositor is so soft it swells and then…wriggles when the tapioca pearls go through it.

10. How on earth did you make this thing?

Okay, now that is a loooong story. If you want to know the geeky technical stuff, read on! If the nerdy bit doesn’t interest you feel free to skip this part.

When Joreth first approached me with the idea, I used a 3D modeling program called Blender to make a facehugger. I made the tail into a dildo, then 3D printed a hard plastic version so I could get a sense of scale, because it’s hard to tell in a computer.

I printed several versions, using each one to make adjustments to the design until it was the size and shape I wanted.

It went through five or six design revisions before I got a version I was happy with.

I took the model into a program called Meshmixer to make a mold for casting silicone, then 3D printed the mold.

I actually had to get an oversized 3D printer to make the mold, because it’s so big! A normal consumer 3D printer isn’t even close to large enough. The hiphugger uses a 5-part mold; the facehugger uses a 10-part mold.

I couldn’t figure out how to cast something this complex; a normal split mold doesn’t work because the tail and the ovipositor actually connect to the body at different angles in a way that makes a traditional multi-cavity mold impossible. As near as I can tell, I’ve invented three new silicone casting techniques in the process of making this thing!

Each one is cast in several stages. The hiphugger requires three separate pours, with the silicone curing between each pour. The facehugger requires five pours with two different types of silicone.

I’me now on version 7 of the mold, with a new version 8 coming to make the harness work better.

11. Do you do other weird-ass freaky sex toys?

Oh yeah.

I love making bizarre sex toys, so much I’ve set up a website at for them.

As you might imagine from the name, a lot of them are tentacle-themed, like this double-sided dual-squirting tentacle dildo gag:

Various tentacle gags and plugs:

There’s also the kazoo ball gag (yes, I’m serious; yes, this is real).

Some of these designs are for sale, and I also sell 3D printable molds so you can pour your own.

Want to know more? Hit me up! I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and Quora, and you can reach me by email at franklin (at) franklinveaux (dot) com.


First test fit of the alien xenomorph hiphugger!

The first four prototypes of the alien xenomorph hiphugger strapon are now cast!

Last week, my wife and I did the first test fit of the hiphugger strapon with part of her Borg Queen cosplay costume. The hiphugger is way bigger than it looks—you don’t really get a sense of its size until you see someone wearing it.

The vertebrae sections down the front of the Borg Queen corset are 3D printed, and I’ll be 3D printing the rest of the bits for the costume next week.

We found a problem with the way the straps work that should be easy to fix. I can probably do a patch on the four existing prototypes, but the more elegant fix will require making new silicone molds (always an ordeal as the mold takes about 9 days to print on an oversized 3D printer).

Each prototype takes 3-4 days to cast—it’s a fiddly process. But I love the way it’s turning out! Well, for some value of “love” that means “my god it’s more horrifying than I imagined.” I also think the reservoir to make the hiphugger squirt slime lube is mmmmaybe a bit big.

I’ll be doing more photos soon!