First test of the v3.0 Facehugger Gag!

I’ve finalized the v3.0 mold for the Xenomorph Ovipositer Facehugger Gag. This version is considerably lighter (about half the weight!) of the v2.0 design, with thinner sacs, a deeper groove for the wearer’s nose, and other design features to increase comfort. Because, after all, if you’re going to be orally violated by an alien parasite, you ought to be comfortable, right?

I’ve cast two of the v3.0 gag, one brown and beige, one white with glow-in-the-dark pigments. I had a chance to beta test and photograph the glow-in-the-dark prototype a couple of nights ago, and it worked even better than I ancicipated!

When it’s charged with a UV flashlight, the silicone glows quite intensely. This glow fades after about five or ten minutes, but it continues to glow at reduced brightness for a couple of hours.

The model here is wearing the v3.0 facehugger gag and the xenomorph nipplehugger pasties, also in glow-in-the-dark silicone:


Hard at work on new projects!

Haven’t updated in a while, but mad science is still happening here at! I’ve been experimenting with glow-in-the-dark silicone pigments, and also finished a new, lighter, more comfortable version 3.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag, now suitable for more…extended wear.

I’ve done a test cast of the Spikey Silicone Butt Plug in glow-in-the-dark pigment, which glows rather nicely, I think:

And I’ve made some Xenomorph Tithugger Pasties in the same color. They aren’t as interesting as I’d hoped in strong light, but they glow rather wickedly in the dark. I may experiment with combining the glowing pigment with other pigments, to see if I can create glowing toys that also look interesting in the light.

And finally, the v3.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag! You can get a sense of what a beast this mold is as the gag emerges from the mold. These take about three days to cast, and require five separate pours.

I’ll be beta-testing the facehugger gag later this week. For those of you who missed the last beta test, the v1.0 Xenomorph Facehugger Gag worked well, but testing revealed several areas where the design could be improved, and improved it’s been.

These will be available soon, stay tuned!