First test fit of the alien xenomorph hiphugger!

The first four prototypes of the alien xenomorph hiphugger strapon are now cast!

Last week, my wife and I did the first test fit of the hiphugger strapon with part of her Borg Queen cosplay costume. The hiphugger is way bigger than it looks—you don’t really get a sense of its size until you see someone wearing it.

The vertebrae sections down the front of the Borg Queen corset are 3D printed, and I’ll be 3D printing the rest of the bits for the costume next week.

We found a problem with the way the straps work that should be easy to fix. I can probably do a patch on the four existing prototypes, but the more elegant fix will require making new silicone molds (always an ordeal as the mold takes about 9 days to print on an oversized 3D printer).

Each prototype takes 3-4 days to cast—it’s a fiddly process. But I love the way it’s turning out! Well, for some value of “love” that means “my god it’s more horrifying than I imagined.” I also think the reservoir to make the hiphugger squirt slime lube is mmmmaybe a bit big.

I’ll be doing more photos soon!

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