Adventures at TSA

Oh my GOD, y’all, the xenomorph hiphugger strapon just caused SUCH a kerfluffle at TSA. As soon as I saw the X-ray of my bag, and the X-ray tech waved her boss over, I was like okay, here it comes.

(By the way, the hiphugger looks EPIC on an x-ray. I’m sad they didn’t let me take pics of the x-ray screen.)

So they pull my bag for a hand search. The tech pulls out the hiphugger, then immediately calls for his supervisor.

Supervisor: “What’s this?” Me: “The facehugger from Alien.” Supervisor: “What’s the tube for?” Me: “To squirt slime! Everyone knows the aliens from Alien squirt slime!”

Guy at the security station next to me: “Holy shit, is that the facehugger from Alien? That looks like the facehugger from Alien!”

Next thing you know, there are 5 guys plus the guy searching my bag, plus the supervisor, plus the x-ray tech, all looking at the xenomorph hiphugger.

Guy searching my bag: “Should I—” Supervisor: “Definitely.”

So they SCAN IT FOR EXPLOSIVES(?!). Seriously.

I’m bringing all 4 prototypes to Barcelona in a few weeks, and mah gawdd, that x-ray is going to be AWESOME. I kinda want to set up an x-ray diorama in my suitcase, like 2 hiphuggers fighting whilst a third takes photos or something.

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